Meet Trent Powell our Managing Partner of Expansion


How much does it cost to become a licensed insurance agent?


How do commissions work when I enroll someone on a Medicare Plan?


Is it true I can only enroll individuals on a medicare plan during open enrollment?


Are there enough eligible Medicare individuals for me to begin a career in this field?


I have a client Turning 65, when is his enrollment period?


Do you provide any type of training?


How many enrollments does an average agent do each month?


I’m already a licensed insurance agent but not contracted to offer Medicare, what do you need to get me contracted?


How long will each carrier required training modules take to complete ?


Which carriers do you offer?


Who owns my book of business?


Is there a minimum amount of enrollments I need to accomplish each year?


What is AHIP, is it required and is there a cost?


How long have you been in business and how many states are you currently located in?


Do you provide leads?


If I have a friend or family member who would potentially like to become an insurance agent, how can they contact you?


I would like to have an agency with you, what is required and how would that benefit me?


Can I make cold calls and go door to door?


How much do you charge an agent for the services you offer?


I’m ready to become a Medicare Agent with you, what now?


Do carrier specific training modules cost money?