When Americans turn 65, they are likely to be eligible for one of the largest group health plans in the world. Medicare can be used as their sole health insurance coverage or as companion or backup coverage to insurance; through an employers, spouse, former employer, or union.

Medicare consists of several plans or “parts”:

medicare supplement

Part A

and Part B are often referred to as Original or Traditional Medicare.

Part A helps pay your hospital bills, and most people have paid for their Part A premiums through payroll taxes while working.

medicare supplement

Part B

helps pay for doctor visits and other medical services, including screenings for heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

medicare advantage

Part C

plans, also known as Medicare Advantage plans are Medicare-approved plans offered by private insurance companies. Part C plans are an alternative to Original Medicare. Along with covering doctors and hospitals, they often cover prescription drugs too.

prescription drug plans

Part D

plans are Medicare-approved private plans that help people who have Parts A and B to pay for prescription drugs.

Keep in mind that Medicare does not cover all health care costs. Medicare does not cover many services such as routine dental and vision care. In addition, unless one has additional insurance or qualifies for low-income assistance, even with Medicare, they will be paying some premiums, deductibles, and copays.

Starting this year, one baby boomer will become eligible for Medicare every 8 seconds.

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